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I am a 20 year cycling retail veteran. I've worn every hat in the shop: I've provided customer service, wrenched on rental bikes (even serving as the service manager for a brief time using Sheldonbrown.com to fix old french 3-speeds), worked as the sales and marketing manager, and was lucky to be the General Manager at Young's Bicycle Shop on Nantucket Island - my favorite 86 year old and 3rd generation family owned and operated bike shop for 7.5 years!

This time spent working "on the ground" fuels my mission:

I'm in this to help local independent bike shops who are all under acute pressure succeed online and in-store.

Early SEO: On-Page Optimization

The turning point for me was in 2006 when I took over the management our website.

Our bike shop was flanked by two other bike shops that would post its staff on the street to bark at passers by to steal customers who had been told to, "Just go down to Young's". At the time, the vast majority of our efforts were geared to competing on that 100 yard strip of street.

After reading Blue Ocean Strategy I knew that optimizing our website for search would change the field of play entirely by helping us get confirmed rental reservations long before our customers arrived on vacation.

It was a key priority for us to get as many of our 1300 bikes rented in advance as possible.

Before I began, you could search for us by name and not find us in Google or other Search Engines. Troubling indeed.

I researched best practices from resources like SEOBook.com's Learn SEO and edited pagetitles, metadescription language, h1, h2 tags and added keywords sprinkled throughout the content.

The results were staggering: online reservations increased dramatically, and we had much happier customers too.

Local SEO on the ground: Online reviews

In 2008 I worked tirelessly to improve our citations - or mentions of our business online - for quantity and accuracy, improved our customer experience after seeing Dan Mann speak, and started to aggressively grow reviews on TripAdvisor and Yelp (don't worry, we didn't break Yelp's Code of Conduct).

The results were once again compelling.

My time at SmartEtailing

Working at SmartEtailing was a godsend because it allowed me to work with some of the most respected bike shops in the country. They often gave me the freedom to perform SEO techniques that helped them grow sales in a very big way.

I was a vocal supporter of SmartEtailing providing responsive templates as a core User Experience MUST, and consistently advocated on the part of retailers to provide platform fixes that would help our clients rank better and sell more bikes and other gear.

I integrated Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business, and a number of SEO tools to manage client websites in a way that had not been done before and the results were clear:

Some of the bike shops I worked with saw online income grow over 300%, with some selling over $100k online for the first time.

My time at SmartEtailing also opened my eyes to just how much help bike shops need in order for the industry to survive long term.

I want to help you make more money! Reach out and let's get to work!

(720) 773-1776

-Noah Learner
Louisville, CO 2016

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