I Just got back from a great trip to Florida.  I got to travel with my mom for the first time as an adult.  We visited her Parents North of Tampa 4 4 days and then I went on to Miami for a couple of days.  I took along with me my Canon 7d and my iPhone.  I had recently read a tweet from a fabulous Nantucket photographer named Zofia at www.zofiaphoto.com where she said she was going to go on a photo trip and would only shoot film or with her iPhone.  I was inspired to try and shoot that way in Florida.  I had used and really enjoyed the Camera+ app in the past and had bought and almost regretted buying the Hipstamatic app until I really used it on this trip.  I haven't had this much fun shooting in ages. 

I loved the instant and unpredictable nature of the color.  I enjoyed the challenge of trying to expose the shots right.  It was pure unadulterated love at first click for me.  I carried my canon around with me, but found myself wanting to use my iPhone.  The shots felt nostalgic, warm, and reminded me of postcards I'd seen from the 60's.

What do you think? 


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